Japanese Patterns of Design


  • My mom went to Japan and researched our kamon–she brought back this kamon design which was on a metal plate, and one that was on etched glass. I thought they were identical but mine has the “left over right” crossed hawk feathers, and her glass etching has the “right over left” crossed hawk feathers. I really want to know which one is correct for our family lineage, since there samurai on my mom’s side of the family. My mom’s maiden name is Nakamura, and her mom Yone Nakamura lived in Shigaken/Echigun/Hadashocho. If you could help with this, I would be eternally grateful. Mike Masuda

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the comment! About the family crest, “Maru-ni Chigai-takanoha” (Crossed Hawk Feathers in a Circle), unless your ancestors changed the design deliberately, the left-over right one is correct.

      I hope it helps!

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