Japanese Patterns of Design

Taisho Roman and Takehisa Yumeji: Japanese Lyrical Beauty

Taisho Roman is a term represents a unique culture of the Taisho period in Japan. Let’s dig in and feel the air of the Taisho period with the help of a famous painter, Takehisa Yumeji. The Historical...

Sayoko Yamaguchi: Biography of the Legendary Japanese Muse

The Japanese Supermodel Who Changed the Sense of Beauty in ’70 Sayoko Yamaguchi – she was a Japanese top model who once was one of the first Asians┬áto be featured in the world’s top fashion...

Kirie: Masayuki Miyata’s Sensual Japanese Women with Long Black Hair

Kirie: Masayuki Miyata’s Sensual Japanese Women Kirie – Masayuki Miyata is a Japanese Kirie (paper cutout) artist who published a lot of work. He established his own style of Kirie, which is called...

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