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7 Health Benefits of Genmaicha and When to Drink

Genmaicha is a hybrid of brown rice and Japanese green tea, so to speak. To give you a little more detail, it’s a Japanese tea mixed with roasted steamed brown rice and Japanese green tea (Bancha or...

Where to Buy Best Matcha? 5 Established Matcha Stores in Japan

Where to buy best matcha, you wonder? I assume you must be a lover. So am I. There are not a few Japanese tea stores in Tokyo and Kyoto, where you can buy matcha, but not many stores have English speaking...

13 Authentic Japanese Tea Stores in Tokyo

Are you a Japanese tea lover who happens to be in Tokyo or plan to be? You don’t need to have vast knowledge to enjoy Japanese tea in nice comforting settings here. This article is for you, who thinks...

400+ Simple Japanese Words

Simple Japanese words you see in this post assure you to have a smooth conversation with Japanese natives. We’ve listed them up by categories, so you can easily find the suitable words for each situation...

Basic Japanese Conversation: Practical Expressions

Basic Japanese conversation phrases can make you go through most of the situation in Japan. Once you learn expressions we’ve listed up here, you would find yourself handling situations at ease. Being a...

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Japanese Family Crest Consulting Services

For your comprehensive understanding of possible Kamon(s) and family roots in Japan, we designed the Japanese Family Crest Consulting Service to give you the sense of the succession of the lineage of your family based on the historical facts backed...

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60+ Useful Japanese Phrases

Useful Japanese phrases can make you feel closer to the Japanese natives. You might already know basic words and want to know some useful phrases in the next step. Fine! You’ve come to the right place. You can find useful phrases on several...

200+ Common Japanese Words

Wanna know some common Japanese words to grasp an image of the Japanese language? We have picked 200+ common Japanese words that include nouns and conjunctions you can use right away in conversation. You don’t have to worry about grammar at...

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