Japanese Patterns of Design

Japanese clan symbols: Kamon of notable clans

Do you believe ancient clans still exist in Japan today? Yes, they do as their descendants are still alive to this day. Generations and generations of respecting the value of family have made Japanese clan...

Bento: Japanese lunch box makes lunch time fun!

Bento boxes with chopsticks Photo by kofookoo.de on Unsplash Bento is a tasty lunch box that every Japanese is familiar with. Everyone has his own favorite bento and memories with them. They use color and...

Cool Japanese Last Names and its Meanings

This Kamon represents the Japanese family name “Kato” Japan has a vast number of last names. It originated around the 12th century and became official after the Meiji restoration in the 19th...

Kamon: the Symbol of Japanese Family Identity

Uesugizasa Kamon, the Japanese family crest is an indication of a family’s origins. Unlike the coat of arms, it doesn’t belong to an individual but to a family. Foreigners can have one if they wish...

Kamon Story: Based on True Unsolved Murder

Maru-ni Agehacho The murder occurred in 1906. It is treated as one of the unsolved cases because the statute of limitations for the murder has passed. Renowned novelist, Seicho Matsumoto wrote a story out of...

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