Japanese Patterns of Design

Japanese Gods: Names and Attributes

Japanese gods – kami are literally everywhere. We use the term “gods” here, however, the term “deities” is closer to the core meaning of kami in Japan. We represent you names of...

Japanese Green Tea: 13 Types, Benefits, and When to Drink

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay Japanese green tea has a wide variety and each has a unique, different flavor and taste. We’ve covered common types and what time would be best to drink them. We hope this...

Sencha Green Tea Benefits/Side Effects and Where You Can Buy

Photo by Christine Wehrmeier on Unsplash The Sencha green tea is a type of green teas as the name suggests, which aren’t fermented and therefore it keeps its fresh green color that is cultivated with a...

Organic Matcha 7 Tea Benefits and Where You Can Buy

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash Since you seek the best organic, we assume you know the difference between usual Japanese green tea powder and matcha powder. In case you don’t have a clear...

Matcha Tea Set: Best Starter Kit and How to Prepare Matcha

Image by dungthuyvunguyen from Pixabay We assume you are a matcha lover and want to make a cup of matcha yourself. We’re glad to share the tools that make up a matcha tea set and techniques you need to...

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Japanese Family Crest Consulting Services

For your comprehensive understanding of possible Kamon(s) and family roots in Japan, we designed the Japanese Family Crest Consulting Service to give you the sense of the succession of the lineage of your family based on the historical facts backed...

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Photo by DDP on Unsplash

60+ Useful Japanese Phrases

Useful Japanese phrases can make you feel closer to the Japanese natives. You might already know basic words and want to know some useful phrases in the next step. Fine! You’ve come to the right place. You can find useful phrases on several...

200+ Common Japanese Words

Wanna know some common Japanese words to grasp an image of the Japanese language? We have picked 200+ common Japanese words that include nouns and conjunctions you can use right away in conversation. You don’t have to worry about grammar at...

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