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Patternz.jp is a team of a writer and a photographer exploring patterns (Japanese and everything), history, and culture. Born and raised in Northeastern Japan, we took our culture for granted until we moved to the United States, which gave us the opportunity to reflect our own culture. What makes a Japanese culture unique and what we share in common with others? Those are our motivation to explore.


We believe we can find more beauty through exploring patterns, designs, and spirits behind the history. Driven our curiosity, we research, interview, and share the thoughts and images for the better understanding of Japanese culture. The country with the world’s longest history never fails us to be amazed. Enjoy exploring and discovering insights with us.


  • Hiroko-san,

    We’d like to thank you and your team for the informative and detailed report about our Ichinohe lineage. Since the Ichinohe name is rare, narrowing the scope to find our family kamon was challenging. You went above and beyond to work with us to arrive at the most accurate information possible with little background information. Thank you so much for all the correspondence throughout the process. Not only did you provide thorough coverage of the family history, you provided us with the step-process to facilitate our own personal search to learn more about our family history. We cannot be more pleased with the courteous, professional, credible, and valuable service you provided to us! We highly recommend you to those who are considering a search for their family kamon. ありがとうございました!

    Christi Steed

  • Hi there
    I think we have a similar story. We just found we have Kamon too. Our grand father Tamakitchi Matsuoka Osaka our Kamon is chigai takanoha.
    What services do you provide?

    • Hi Noriko-san,

      Thanks for contacting us!
      There is some information based on a set of the family name and the domicile of the family (the main birthplace),
      such as the possible line(s) your family came from sometimes it can be traced back to Emperor(s).

      Many Japanese family names have its origin in the domain (often the name of natural features) if it’s from samurai families.
      If it’s from court nobles, their name of the residence or the street name became their family names.

      So what we can provide are the possible origin and the history of a Japanese family name, and also of its crest.
      (We compile the report of those information in pdf.)

      Hope it helps!


    • Thanks for writing us, Mickie.

      Well, each family has each Kamon in Japan and even with the same family name, it doesn’t mean two different Sasano families have the same Kamon. So if you could provide us the birthplace of each family (region or Prefecture), it would lead us somewhere as a start.

      You can write us at http://www.patternz.jp/product/kamon-custom.

      Thank you.


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