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The best product to strengthen the bond of the family. It makes a wonderful gift for any occasion which is important for a family member.
You can display it anywhere if you have a small space.

You can put it on near the front door or in some space of a living room which can open up the conversation with your guest.
Also, it makes a lovely gift to send in an occasion of seasonal festival or birthday of a family member.



Framed family crest – the best option for a gift

The artisans of Sankyo with fine skills, the framed Japanese family crests are made with their utmost focus. They pursue even better quality and create products with devotion.

We begin our production only after we make sure that the customer is satisfied with the product plan in detail after we receive the order.

You can choose either with the family name or without.

We can put your family name under the family crest. The customers give us orders to make sure their tradition, the symbol of their family is handed down to the next generation.
You can put the name of the family crest as well if you prefer.

The production time
After the customer confirmed the design of the family crest with the pattern we send them, usually it takes around 10-15 days.

Gold embroidery thread

We use only finely-selected embroidery thread. The gold thread adds a flowery finish with a beautiful glare. If you want a silver one, we cover that as well.

Genuine gold embroidery thread

We can provide you the genuine gold embroidery work for those who seek authentic quality.
With the carefully selected gold embroidery thread, it adds the depth and the gorgeousness. You can rest assured that the sparkle of its thread can’t be lost for good.
We have no doubt that the customer will be satisfied with the quality.

Additionally, we can embroider with platinum thread. Please let us know if you want the platinum thread and we will give you an estimate for upgrading.

The family name embroidery

We put the family name under your family crest. Our customers find it meaningful to have it passing down to the next generation as a symbol of the family bond.
You can choose the name of the family crest to be embroiled as well. There are two types of kanji character fonts.

Embroidery mat

Beautiful even inside where you can’t really see at a glance
The Japanese paper dyed with Kyo Yuzen style is put at the back of the mount of the family crest where you don’t see.
We don’t cut corners to make it even more special with our meticulous care.

Cloth (material)

We are proud that we use the five colors of Nishijin silk fabrics which are famous for its high-quality brocade. The Nishijin silk fabrics have a long history since the 8th century, when Kyoto was called Heian at the time. It is a fabric consummated to its high-quality which boasts high-durability while they are fine fabric.
You can choose raspberry red to make it stand or navy or black to make it chic.

Three-dimensional finish

We process it to look three-dimensional. With that skill, sleek shine and nuance come out which makes the product outstanding.


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