Japanese Patterns of Design

Shinto Shrine: History, Architecture, and Functions

  Shinto Shrine – from the Imperial shrines to local shrines, there are more than 80,000 Shinto shrines all over Japan. It’s more than all the convenience stores combined which they say you...

Swan Incoming: Lovely Sights Tells the Beginning of Winter in Japan

Swan Incoming: When autumn deepens and hear the cry of swans, it’s a sign of the winter in Japan. If they fly low enough and there are no other big noise, you can even hear the sound of flapping their...

Sento: 7 Public Bath Houses in Tokyo for Authentic Experience

Sento (Public Bath House) – Sento is where you can take a bath and relax at a reasonable price. Have you ever wondered about the difference between Sento and Onsen? Roughly, it’s about minerals in...

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