Japanese Patterns of Design

Kamon the Avant-garde: Interview with Japanese Family Crest Artisans

  There’s a thousand-year tradition that the Japanese pass their family crests from generation to generation. The family crest is called “Kamon” in Japanese, which could be seen...

Best Tokyo Food Tour 2017: Where Real Japanese Go

We returned to Japan after two years of absence which is long enough for us to long for our families and friends. But we have to admit what we’ve been missing the most, the food. We will share only the...

Soma Yoshitane: Lord of Soma Nakamura Domain’s History and Kamon

Soma Yoshitane is the lord of Soma Nakamura domain in Eastern part of present Fukushima Prefecture. His intelligence, proud, and patience kept the Soma domain alive. Who Is Soma Yoshitane Soma Yoshitane was...

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