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Matcha: 5 Delightful Green Tea Sweets Shops in Tokyo

IPPODO, Matcha
IPPODO, Matcha (Laughy)

Matcha – known for its strikingly beautiful and soothing green color, is used in numerous Japanese sweets. We will introduce you 5 delightful sweets shops in Tokyo, which you don’t wanna miss if you are lucky enough to be there. Also, we included awesome recipe videos you may wanna try. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a great Matcha thing at home? We say yes!

Brief History of Matcha

First of all, it’s said that tea drinking culture began around 2700 BC in China. Tea was consumed as a kind of medicine at the time. It originally came from China to Japan about 800 years ago. Tea in Japan was treated as medicine as well first, only aristocrats and riches had a chance to enjoy them.

In 1191, Eisai, a Buddhist monk who originated Rinzai-Shu brought back the way of tea that you put powdered green tea in hot water and stir it, as well as tea seeds. He also made shogun at the time a present of Kissa Yojo-ki (Drink Tea and Prolong Life, A Note on Drinking Green Tea for Good Health) and tea drinking culture was spread among samurai warriors as well.

Kissa Yojo-ki, Volume 1
Kissa Yojo-ki, Volume 1 written by Eisai

Around the 1300s, tea drinking culture was no longer confined to aristocrats and riches, but the general people began to enjoy it. In the later period, a new way of tea was developed and “Chado”, the Japanese art of tea ceremony established.

Chado: “The Way of Tea” Cultivates Hospitality and Zen Spirit

Matcha Benefits

It’s well-known fact that Matcha has a lot of health benefits.

  • Reduce one’s cholesterol level in the blood
  • Reduce body fat effectively
  • Prevent from developing cancer cells
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Prevent from developing a bad tooth

What’s the difference between Matcha and Powdered Green Tea?

Mainly, they used different green tea leaves. Tencha, the raw material of Matcha, is raised with no direct sunlight, therefore softer and be more flavorful. On the contrary, general green tea aka Sen-cha is used for powdered green tea, which is raised with a lot of sunlight, steamed, rubbed and dried in the process. Sencha contains a lot more catechin which is good for antioxidant effect, still, you can reap a lot of benefit from them since it’s consumed wholeness.

5 Delightful Sweets Shops in Tokyo

IPPODO TEA – 一保堂茶舗

IPPODO TEA Marunouchi, front view
IPPODO TEA Marunouchi, front view (google.com)

Ippodo was opened by Watanabe Rihee in 1717 as Konoe-ya dealing tea, tea cups, porcelains first in Kyoto. Its specialty is Japanese tea, especially Uji Tea which is known for its sophisticated scent and flavor. Tea quality changes due to the weather each year, they blend a variety of tea to make the quality stable.

IPPODO TEA Marunouchi, koicha and wagashi
IPPODO TEA Marunouchi, Koicha and Wagashi (30min.)

They are truly passionate about encouraging people to have more tea experience, holding a class of how to serve a great tea, having a conversation with customers and choose the best ones for them. They are more than willing to answer your questions about tea.

Wagashi: Traditional Japanese Sweets of Four Seasons

Ippo-do Chaho, Marunouchi
IPPODO TEA, Marunouchi (tabelog.com)

IPPODO Marunouchi
Address: Kokusai Bldg 1F, Marunouchi 3-1-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Phone: +81 3-6212-0202
Hours: 11AM-7PM

Saryo Tsujiri Daimaru Tokyo – 茶寮 都路里 大丸東京店

Saryo Tsujiri Daimaru Tokyo, front view
Saryo Tsujiri Daimaru Tokyo, front view (茶寮 都路里)

Saryo Tsujiri was opened in 1978. They wish young generation to experience authentic tea, enjoy it. You can feel the calm and sophisticated air of Gion, Kyoto through their delectable tea and sweets.

Saryo Tsujiri, Matcha Shaved Ice
Saryo Tsujiri, Matcha Shaved Ice (tabelog.com)

High-quality Uji matcha never disappoints you. Take a seat by the window and enjoy the views of Tokyo station and its surroundings with a delightful matcha desserts here.

Saryo Tsujiri Daimaru Tokyo, Matcha Anmitsu
Saryo Tsujiri Daimaru Tokyo, Matcha Anmitsu (tabelog.com)

Saryo Tsujiri Daimaru Tokyo – 茶寮 都路里 大丸東京店
Address: Daimaru Tokyo 10F, Yaesu-kita exit Tokyo Station, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81 3-3214-3322
Thu. Fri. 10AM-9PM

Chacha-no-Ma – 茶茶の間

Chacha-no-ma, Matcha chocolate
Chacha-no-Ma, Matcha chocolate (tabelog.com)

Chacha-no-Ma focuses on one tea firm and one tea variety to bring out the unique flavor and scent of that tea. They are proud of introducing exquisite tea culture and handing this tradition to the next generation.

You love Chocolate? Matcha chocolate, which used high-quality Nishio matcha they serve will melt in your mouth.

Chacha-no-Ma, Matcha Ice Cream
Chacha-no-Ma, Matcha Ice Cream (tabelog.com)

All of the sweets they make are considered to go well with tea, which means they taste the best when they are eaten together. To bring out its best flavor and taste, sweets have less sugar.

Chacha-no-Ma, Matcha Tiramisu
Chacha-no-Ma, Matcha Tiramisu (tabelog.com)

Chacha-no-Ma – 茶茶の間
Address: Zingumae 5-13-14, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
Phone: +81 3-5468-8846
Hours: 11AM-7PM
Closed: Mon.

Cha-no Shizuku – 茶のしずく

Cha-no Shizuku was opened in 1849, so they’ve been running their business more than 150 years now. Both exterior and interior had been renovated, it looks like a modern cafe, you can’t tell it’s been here since Edo era by its appearance.

Cha-no Shizuku, Matcha Shaved Ice
Cha-no Shizuku, Matcha Shaved Ice (Retty)

The good thing about this shop is they serve Matcha sweets with not too sweet taste, so you can sense its flavor really well.

cha-no shizuku
Cha-no Sizuku, Matcha with anko (tabelog.com)

Address: Takino-gawa 6-1-4 Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81 3-3916-1964
Hours: Mon. – Fri. 9AM-6:30PM
Sat. Holiday 9AM-6PM
Closed: Sun.

Shimura – 志むら

Shimura, front view
Shimura, front view (tabelog.com)

Shimura was opened in 1925, it’s been popular for Shaved Ice which you can enjoy from late April to September.

Shimura, Special Matcha Anmitsu
Shimura, Special Matcha Anmitsu (tabelog.com)

Bitter matcha and sweet red bean paste go well together splendidly, it makes you wanna come back more.

Shimura, Shaved Ice
Shimura, Shaved Ice (tabelog.com)

Address: Mejiro 3-13-3, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Phone: +81 3-3953-3388
Hours: Confectionery 9AM-7PM
Cafe 10AM-7PM
Closed: Sun.

Matcha Latte and More!

The easiest way to intake them is to drink it! Of course, simple Matcha green tea is good, but this time we wanna make it little fancier and heartier… Matcha Latte is it!

If you’d like to venture Matcha thing more, there are cool recipes for the bread and the pudding. It’s a marvelous feeling just watching them soothe your mind with natural cooking sound.

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