Japanese Patterns of Design


  • Hello, I have a Shin-Gunto with a similar kamon on it that I have been trying to identify. It only had 2 bundles rather than the 4 shown above. If I send you a photo would you be able to help identify it? Everyone I have asked so far has never seen it. Thank you

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for the comment! Could you please send us the photo of the kamon on your Gunto?
      We may be able to identify what that kamon is called.

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


    • Hi!

      Thanks for the comment. This kamon represents the ears of rice and the representative clan that adopted was the Suzuki clan. They were based in Kumano, Wakayama Prefecture. Additionally, the Hozumi clan held this crest as their kamon in Kumano. There are several other clans that adopted it as their family crest as well.

      I hope it helps!


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