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13 Authentic Japanese Tea Stores in Tokyo

Are you a Japanese tea lover who happens to be in Tokyo or plan to be? You don’t need to have vast knowledge to enjoy Japanese tea in nice comforting settings here. This article is for you, who thinks joining an official Japanese tea ceremony would be a little too much at the moment, but wishes to experience some authentic Japanese tea in Tokyo. We’ve listed 13 Japanese tea stores worth trying.

Table of Contents
  1. Tokyo Saryo (東京茶寮 世田谷)
  2. Ippodo Tea Store Tokyo Marunouchi (一保堂茶舗 東京丸の内店)
  3. Saryo Tsujiri Tokyo Daimaru Store (茶寮 都路里 大丸東京店)
  4. Uogashi Meicha Tsukiji Head Store (うおがし銘茶 築地本店)
  5. JugetsudoJugetsudo Tea Shop & Cafe in Ginza (寿月堂 銀座 歌舞伎座店)
  7. Kosoan (古桑庵 自由が丘)
  8. Ocharaka (おちゃらか 室町)
  9. Chachanoma (茶茶の間 表参道)
  10. Shimokita Chaen Oyama (しもきた茶苑大山 下北沢)
  11. Chanoha Ginza (茶の葉 銀座)
  12. Chacha Kobo (茶々工房 高田馬場)
  13. Akaneya (茜夜 飯田橋)

Tokyo Saryo (東京茶寮 世田谷) – Japanese tea

Tokyo Saryo_ photo courtesy_lifemagazine.yahoo.co.jp
Tokyo Saryo_ photo courtesy_lifemagazine.yahoo.co.jp

You can enjoy a cup of “hand drip” Japanese tea here. The hand drip? Usually, it is prepared with a pot, so this is the place you can experience the whole new style of green tea. The goodness doesn’t stop here. You would come to enjoy the difference of each with each different producing area and origin that would change your image of Japanese tea.

Tokyo Saryo_Photo Courtesy: colocal.jp

While you can buy your favorite tea and have quality time at home.

Tokyo Saryo
Address: 1 Chome-34-15 Kamiuma, Setagaya City, Tokyo 154-0011
Hours: Wed-Fri 1–8 PM
Sat-Sun 11 AM – 8 PM
Closed: Tuesday

Ippodo Tea Store Tokyo Marunouchi (一保堂茶舗 東京丸の内店)

Ippodo Tea Store Tokyo Marunouchi Photo Courtesy: marunouchi.com

This store is one of the branches of the Ippodo tea store in Kyoto. You can try several cups at the store and choose the best one for you. Not just enjoy wonderful tea selection, but you can learn how to serve Japanese tea in English here. Easy access from Hibiya, Yurakucho, and Tokyo station. There are many branches of the store in Tokyo where you can buy tea leaves, but the Marunouchi branch can offer you relaxing cafe space and learning as we’ve mentioned above. It’s the place you can experience Japanese hospitality in a clean and warm atmosphere. We highly recommend it.

Ippodo Chaho Marunouchi Tokyo_Photo Courtesy: @299ushineko on instagram
Ippodo Chaho Marunouchi Tokyo_Photo Courtesy: @299ushineko on Instagram

Ippodo Tea Store Tokyo Marunouchi

Address: Kokusai Bldg. in Marunouchi Nakadori, 3 Chome−1−1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 100-0005
Hours: 11 AM -7 PM


Saryo Tsujiri Tokyo Daimaru Store (茶寮 都路里 大丸東京店)

Saryo Tsujiri Daimaru Tokyo_Photo Courtesy ozmall.co.jp
Saryo Tsujiri Daimaru Tokyo_Photo Courtesy: ozmall.co.jp

The head store is in Kyoto, which has been running since 1860. You can enjoy sweets along with the wonderful aroma of Japanese tea. They have a mission to hand the tradition of preparing and drinking Japanese to younger generations. It’s in Tokyo Daimaru Store which is directly connected to Tokyo station. Additional bonus, you can enjoy the cool scenery of Ginza from the store.

Saryo Tsujiri Daimaru Tokyo entrance_Photo Courtesy_giontsujiri.co.jp
Saryo Tsujiri Daimaru Tokyo entrance_Photo Courtesy: giontsujiri.co.jp

Address: Tokyo Daimaru Store (10th floor), 1 Chome−9−1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo, 100-0005
Hours: Sat-Wed 10 AM-7:30 PM
Thu-Fri 10 AM – 8:30 PM


Saryo Tsujiri Tokyo Daimaru Store (Japanese only)


Uogashi Meicha Tsukiji Head Store (うおがし銘茶 築地本店)

Uogashimeicha Tsukiji Honten_Photo Courtesy tabelog.jp
Uogashimeicha Tsukiji Honten_Photo Courtesy: tabelog.jp

Although Tsukiji used to be the center of the fish market, they provide excellent Japanese tea as well. They have begun the business since 1931 handling tea that you can drink every day. Their other store Chanomi Kurabu (茶の実倶楽部) in a different location in Tsukiji has a tea room and many events are held.

Uogashimeicha Tsukiji Honten_Photo Courtesy: tsukiji.or.jp

Uogashi Meicha Tsukiji Head Store (Japanese only)


Address: 4 Chome-10-1 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045
Hours: 7 AM-3 PM
Closed: Wednesday and Sunday


Jugetsudo Tea Shop & Cafe in Ginza (寿月堂 銀座 歌舞伎座店)

Jugetsudo Ginza Kabukicho Photo Courtesy: centraltokyo-tourism.com

This is the Japanese tea specialty store that has two stores in Tokyo and one in Paris. The one in Ginza boasts its stylish tea space surrounded by 3,000 bamboos designed by Kuma Kengo where you can enjoy the view of the roof garden on Kabukiza. This store was developed by the Maruyama seaweed store that was established in 1855. You can experience the spirit of Zen while enjoying Japanese green tea.

Jugetsudo Ginza Kabukicho_Photo Courtesy maruyamanori.net
Jugetsudo Ginza Kabukicho_Photo Courtesy: maruyamanori.net

Jugetsudo (It’s brand name of Maruyama Nori)

Hours: Mon-Fri 10 AM-6 PM
Sat-Sun 10 AM – 6:30 PM

Address: 4 Chome−12−15 Kabukiza Tower 5th, Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061

Maruyama Nori (parent company)



HIGASHIYA GINZA_Photo Courtesy hanako.tokyo
HIGASHIYA GINZA_Photo Courtesy: hanako.tokyo

Finely selected Japanese tea and seasonal wagashi (Japanese sweets) will make your taste buds smile. Why not enjoy afternoon tea in this sophisticated and warm space?

Higashiya Ginza_Photo Courtesy higashiya.com
Higashiya Ginza_Photo Courtesy: higashiya.com

Shop Hours: 11 AM – 7 PM, 7 days a week 
Sabo Hours: 11 AM – 7 PM (Last order 6 PM) 7 days a week

Address: POLA Ginza Bldg. 2F 1-7-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan



Kosoan (古桑庵 自由が丘)

Kosoan Jiyugaoka_Photo Courtesy horano.jp
Kosoan Jiyugaoka_Photo Courtesy: horano.jp

This is the place you can enjoy your tea in a traditional Japanese setting most Japanese people nowadays don’t have an opportunity. There are Japanese antiques that amaze your eyes and a Japanese garden that soothes your mind. The building has a relation with Soseki Natsume who was a famous Japanese author. The hojicha is everyone’s favorite here.

Kosoan Jiyugaoka_Photo Courtesy horano.jp
Kosoan Jiyugaoka_Photo Courtesy: horano.jp

Kosoan (Japanese only)

Hours: 11 AM-6:30 PM
Closed: Wednesday
Address: 1-24-23, Jiyugaoka, Meguro City, Tokyo
Email: info{at}kosoan.co.jp


OCHARAKA (おちゃらか 室町) – Japanese tea

Ocharaka Muromachi_Photo Courtesy tokyostationcity.com
OCHARAKA Muromachi_Photo Courtesy: tokyostationcity.com

There is a French who fell in love with Japanese and his name is Danton Stephane. He opened the 1st store “Ocharaka” in Kichijoji in 2005. Now it’s relocated inside the COREDO MUROMACHI in Muromachi. His interpretation of Japanese green tea made it possible to create new types of ways to enjoy them. The original flavored green tea is something you don’t want to miss here.

Ocharaka Muromachi_Photo Courtesy naver
OCHARAKA Muromachi_Photo Courtesy: matome.naver.co.jp

Address: Coredo Muromachi 1-B1, 2-2-1, Muromachi, Nihonbashi, Chuo City, Tokyo, 103-0022 Japan
Hours: 10 AM-9 PM



Chachanoma (茶茶の間 表参道) – Japanese tea

Chachanoma Omotesando parfait_Photo Courtesy macaro-ni.jp
Chachanoma Omotesando parfait_Photo Courtesy: macaro-ni.jp

Did you know there’s a Japanese tea sommelier? Chachanoma was established by the Japanese sommelier, Mr. Wada. Once you get there, you would be served by one of the sommeliers and your authentic and sophisticated experience of Japanese tea is guaranteed. There are many seminars being held about how to prepare Japanese tea and the offer you to try many varieties of them for comparison.

Chachanoma (Japanese only)

Address: 5 Chome-13-14 Jingumae, 渋谷区 Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001

Hours: NOON-7PM

Closed: Monday and Tuesday

Shimokita Chaen Oyama (しもきた茶苑大山 下北沢)

Shimokita Chaen Oyama_Photo Courtesy twihash.com
Shimokita Chaen Oyama_Photo Courtesy: twihash.com

What makes this store different from others, they have “tea masters” at their store and you can buy finely selected Japanese tea from them. A few people can pass the exam which has more than 50 years of history and only the first-prize winner would be awarded by the Minister of Agriculture.

Notice that tea would be served only when the tea ceremony is being held. But you can enjoy popular kakigori (snow cone) with selected Uji matcha during summer (from June to September).

Shimokita Chaen Oyama_Photo Courtesy matome.naver.jp
Shimokita Chaen Oyama_Photo Courtesy: matome.naver.jp

Shimokita Chaen Oyama (Japanese only)

Address: 2 Chome-30-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya City, Tokyo 155-0031
Hours: 10 AM-8 PM (10 AM-6 PM only on Wednesday)


Chanoha Ginza (茶の葉 銀座)

Chanoha GInza_Photo Courtesy tripadvisor.com
Chanoha Ginza_Photo Courtesy: tripadvisor.com

Chanoha is located under the department Matsuya in Ginza. The store was designed to give you “room” where you can reflect on yourself. You can relax and enjoy their tea while having a moment of meditation. Specifically, sencha tea is popular here and you can select three different tastes of them.

Chanoha Ginza_Photo Courtesy tabelog.com
Chanoha Ginza_Photo Courtesy: tabelog.com


Hours: 10 AM – 8 PM

Address: B1F Matsuya Ginza Building, 3-6-1, Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-8130


Chacha Kobo (茶々工房 高田馬場) – Japanese tea

Chacha Kobo_Photo Courtesy: mikasko on Instagram
Chacha Kobo_Photo Courtesy: mikasko on Instagram

They are proud to provide only organic and non-chemical tea leaves here. Their philosophy that they would contribute to people by the tea that was originally consumed as medicine.

The many they serve varies from sencha of the Yaotome tea and Tenga, parfait, and snow cones. You can enjoy matcha whiskey and soda and some other liquors, too.

Chacha Kobo_Photo Courtesy entabe.jp
Chacha Kobo_Photo Courtesy: entabe.jp

Chacha Kobo

Hours: NOON-11 PM
Closed: Sunday

Address: 2 Chome-21-19 Nishiwaseda, Tokyo 169-0051


Akaneya (茜夜 飯田橋)

Akaneya Iidabashi_Photo Courtesy tabelog.jp
Akaneya Iidabashi_Photo Courtesy: tabelog.com

The Akaneya is a bar located close to the Metropolitan hotel in Iidabashi. The owner of this bar, Akane-, holds many titles such as Japanese tea instructor and graphic designer, a registered architect of the second class and sake tasting master.

Rest assured you can enjoy regular tea, too, along with liquor. Akane-san gives a lecture on how to prepare Japanese tea.

Akaneya Iidabashi_Photo Courtesy hiroko1.exblog.jp
Akaneya Iidabashi_Photo Courtesy: hiroko1.exblog.jp

Address: 3 Chome−3−11 2F, Iidabashi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 102-0072
Hours: 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Closed: Sat-Mon


Did you find any store interesting to you? Have you visited any of them already? Let us know how was your experience there!

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